When the Church Cancels Christmas

On this episode, we discuss the “ecclesiastical identity crisis” of many churches as evidence by their cancellation of services on Sunday because it falls on Christmas. We talk about man’s nature as a worshiper rather than mere consumer, the importance of worship, the significance of worship in the covenant assembly of God’s people, why Christians worship together on Sunday, and why Christians worship together on Christmas. We also explain how the fear of God has been displaced by other cares and concerns and how keeping worship central to the Advent and Christmas season makes the celebration all the more joyful. Simply put, the Church has a duty to teach the importance of worshiping God on a congregational level, to unveil the vanity of hedonistic materialism, to provide opportunites for God’s people to worship the Lord, and to celebrate the good news of the Son’s Incarnation.

You can read Fr. Messer’s Gospel Coalition article here: https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/church-services-christmas/



  • The Rev. Barton Gingerich
  • The Rev. Dustin Messer