Who Will Speak for the Trees?!

On this episode, Fr. Bart is joined by an old co-worker and colleague, Jeff Walton, from the Institute on Religion and Democracy. They discuss the United Church of Christ’s recent resolution that “invites us to make a spiritual/human to change our human relationship to Nature, not as an ‘it’ but as a ‘thou,’ alive with the presence of God’s Spirit and part of God’s beloved community,” which entails a call to preach on “Earth Justice” at least every six weeks. Where does this theology come from? And what sorts of liturgical fripperies manifest when this position is embraced by members of the denomination? And what lessons can traditional orthodox Anglicans learn from all this?

Link to Jeff’s post: https://juicyecumenism.com/2021/07/13/who-will-speak-for-the-trees-united-church-of-christ/



  • Rev. Barton Gingerich
  • Jeff Walton