Building the Future of our Podcast

This podcast, “Faith and Honor”, is moving onward and upward! We are growing, and you and the rest of our community are growing with us. Inspired by the growth of Anglican orthodoxy, our plans in 2020 and beyond are to output strong, faithful, and highly engaging content for the growth of the Church, and the revitalization of the Anglican Communion.

Podcasts are central to that mission, and being the oldest Anglican podcast, we recognize just how essential podcasting has become in today’s media landscape. Just think of how many podcasts you will consume this week, next week, and so on. But it is often forgotten that to produce every episode requires resources, and yet it remains vital to keep up Anglican podcasting, for the support orthodox Anglicanism, and the spread of the gospel.

If you would like to ensure that our work continues, the best way to support our projects is not through some large gift, but through small-scale offerings. In this episode we talk about the big future plans of the podcast, and the models of financial support in the early Church.

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  • Fr. Bart Gingerich
  • James Syrow