FH35: Illness, Mortality and Counsel in the Liturgy

On this episode, Fr. Bart and Fr. Eric talk with Fr. Jonathan Kell about the theology of illness. Fr. Jonathan has been studying the works of Jean-Claude Larchet, which grants insight into pastoral counsel, particularly to those in the sickbed. We discuss the Offices for the Sick in the Prayer Book, how to think about illness, what use sickness and death have for the Christian, and how to prepare for death.

Fr. Jean-Claude Larchet, The Theology of Illness (2002)
Fr. Jean-Claude Larchet, Mental Disorders & Spiritual Healing: Teachings from the Early Christian East (2005)
Fr. Jean-Claude Larchet, Therapy of Spiritual Illness: An Introduction to the Ascetic Tradition of the Orthodox Church (2012)



  • Rev. Jonathan Kell
  • Rev. Barton Gingerich
  • Rev. Eric Parker