FH29: Family Devotions in Today’s Culture

What's going on in American culture, how is the church reacting to that, and what are we doing about it? On this episode, Joe, Eric, and Bart discuss trends toward secularism in society, resulting in hostility to the Christian faith and life, as well as how Roman Catholics and evangelicals are responding to these shifts. Oftentimes, this takes some form of accommodation, or else a concerted effort to ignore the obvious and seemingly inevitable.

As young Anglican churchmen leading our families, what are we doing in light of all this? How do we and our families carry on faithfully in our Christian walk? What role does domestic, "homely" divinity play into our plan of action, as well as life in our local parishes and dioceses?


Note: please accept our apologies for slight audio glitches in this recording. We are using a new podcasting platform.

Image credit: Albert Anker, Die Andacht des Grossvaters / Grandfather's Prayer (1893)
Artist: "Albert Anker, The Swiss Norman Rockwell"



  • Rev. Barton Gingerich
  • Deacon Eric Parker
  • Joe Laughon