FH28: The Big Christmas Episode

Christmas! This is the big episode to start the most important conversation of the season. Do we really know as much about Christmas as everyone likes to think? So much has been lost and obscured about this most important of holy days. When does it start? What does it do within our liturgical calendar? What is the twelfth night? Where does roasted goose fit into this picture? The richness of traditions surrounding Christmas is inexhaustible, and there has never been a better time to fully and deeply understand the holy day which we assume we know everything, and not enough, about.

Join us for this conversation with Chris Marchand, a liturgical scholar on the celebrations of all of the holidays during the Christmastide. He is the headmaster of Aletheia Classical Christian Academy, in Peoria, IL, and a publisher of the most important Anglican book about the church calendar in recent years: “Celebrating the 12 Day of Christmas: a guide for churches and families” (2019).

Big companies won’t pay to publish vital books like this anymore, so it’s up to you and us to support Chris in the courageous financing of this work, using ingenious new platforms like Kickstarter. See his Kickstarter page here, and support the publication of this book coming out in 2019!



Image: Giorgione, Adoration of the Shepherds, 1510.



  • Chris Marchand
  • James Syrow
  • Bart Gingerich