FH11: The Architecture of Holy Communion

(Image credit: Life of Luther, Bookplate 35)

The Anglican liturgy has always received much attention, as one of the major focal points of the Anglican tradition. However in recent decades it has been uniquely attacked by revisionist historians as an entry point into discarding the historic liturgy altogether. And yet despite claims to having scholarship, there has been little comment on one of the most important elements of the Anglican Rite of Holy Communion.

We speak with Fr. Gavin Dunbar, who has written a brand new study of the theology of Holy Communion as embedded in the classical Anglican Prayer Books, such as the 1662 and the 1928 (American). He helps dispel the wrong-minded revisionism of the 20th century critics, and uncover an incredible tapestry that lay at the root of the Rite that had been penned by Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, in the timeless tradition of the universal church.

Fr. Dunbar is the rector of St. John’s Church in Savannah, GA, and the president of the Prayer Book Society USA. He is an expert on the history of Anglicanism and especially on the tradition of the liturgy, as embodied in the Prayer Book.

Link to article: Gavin Dunbar, The Spiritual Architecture of the Church’s Worship (2013), download



  • Rev. Gavin Dunbar
  • Rev. Bart Gingerich
  • Rev. Brian Oldfield
  • James Syrow